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Wed, 02/05/2014 - 06:17 (updated 3 years ago) > sharing ideas towards art and design. An online design index for every individual in the process of generating new ideas to make and share. Main objective is to spread the thoughts on a solitary shape from each individual.

We don't know what your proffession is, but you may need some ideas on making logos,monograms,pictograms,symbols,or any other to use in your project works. A free resource of Design ideas for every individual to use in their projects. Sharing ideas towards Art and Design for students and an educational resource of design index prepared with basics for all individuals. We'd love you to join the website and share your creative and mind-boggling ideas.

Imaginative contemplations are communicated just when we impart. We welcome you to join the page. ttps://

Join as a member with lazybrush.

Sharing is beautiful its a good time to share. website : To support or for any other query  write to > -

Thank you, Best Regards, lazybrush.


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Hello. I wanted to know some
Fri, 08/29/2014 - 14:59 Hello. I wanted to know some good designing tools for making greeting cards more attractive and digital. It would be great if anyone could give me information about this.

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