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if you had to create a Holiday greeting card what would it say?

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if you had to create a Holiday greeting card what would it say?
Sun, 09/06/2015 - 11:40 (updated 2 years ago)
First,to whom ? then what kinda holiday ?  if its for a friend that you know along ago don't be formal or anything a line from past will make it funny . like something funny you two spoke of last holiday or so ... friends but not that close , you should look for something a bit formal ...  if its for you parents or a husband , make it more filled with warmth ..  Second , here are some suggestions ... I'll start with topics on the front  "lets hang togather this summer" put a picture of monkeys hanging on a tree under the sun.  "its freezing here ?! are you sure its our summer holiday" that is if you live in cold climates and stuff , draw someone wearing a summer trunks standing next to someone who is making a snow man  "I wish you enjoy this *Summer, holiday, vication ...etc*" with people enjoying the vication on the card or so ..  its ahrd when you don't know the holidy XD ..  anyhows ,,  if i was you the inside is way easier when you did teh front and the back of the card now that you choose a topic just write to that person as if you are right infornt of him/her and say what is just true and honest and came from your heart ^^  if you have any questions about greeting card,you can visit this web : there are more about greeting card Guidance and templates! I hope I can help more people. thank you!

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