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Joerg Brunsendorf

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Since 26 May, 2012
Accessed 5 years ago
Joerg Brunsendorf
Sat, 05/26/2012 - 14:38 (updated 5 years ago)
I execute my work to the highest standards and encourage the same of the people around me. I enjoy working with people that value teamwork as an essential component in producing a stimulating, creative and successful project and work environment; and value those that I work with. Acknowledging that an open mind, combined with valuable experience, can achieve many more results than either education or experience can achieve alone. I have worked for five years as a freelance designer for various agencies and organisations in and around London. Through my previous educational courses and my employment history I have gained a thorough knowledge of the many aspects within graphic design as well as invaluable practical work experience. I am well equipped to meet new challenges and would enjoy contributing my design expertise to a young creative company or agency.

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