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Help me get out of the current situation!

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Since 26 Oct, 2012
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Help me get out of the current situation!
Fri, 11/23/2012 - 14:33 (updated 4 years ago)
Good morning everyone! I am here to get some positive energy and hope which will help me to live my life in a better way. I was child pampered by a lovely parents and an adorable brother. In spite of the financial issues and the personal problems (my parents are sick for a long time), we where a happy family. Luckily my husband is very lovable and he is good to my parents also. I have few issues, which actually made me down and I really don’t like the way I am. I wanted to a person who is active, happy and healthy. I know that life will have issues and we have to face it. I became a person who has negative approach towards everything. This attitude kills me. I am away from my parents, now they are sick and old. They are alone and no one is there to take care of them. I am really worried about that. My sil is good to everyone except me; she is very possessive which created a distance between me and my brother. I didn’t make it issue as my brother will be disturbed. I don’t want to be a problem in their married life. But still its hurts me. I am married for the past two years. Me and my DH, was a happy couple till the date we consulted a doctor. I was diagnosed with PCOS and I was not really shocked or disappointed. I really broke into tears when she told me that my DH’s sperm motility is just 10% due to infection (but it’s curable). Since, we both had problems the chances to conceive naturally are really low. We both are under medication along with some natural remedies. We started with Assisted Reproductive Therapies two months before, Just drugs and trying for natural conception. Those drugs make me crazy and sometimes I go wild. This disturbs my lifestyle so much. I am already on diet, moreover the drugs make me nauseous, tired, and sleepy and sometimes I don’t feel like eating. Yet waiting for a positive result. I love to have a child asap. I know these are nothing when compared to the issues that people around us are facing. I really wanted to come out of the current mindset. I am afraid of everything. How can person be so –ve towards life? I wanted to have courage and confidence which will make me strong to tackle the situation. Awaiting you replies! In spite of all these, two things that really mad me happy is that my sil is pregnant for 8 weeks and my dad is going to be 60 this month. I wanted you all to wish both of them.  


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When light comes, darkness
Fri, 11/23/2012 - 14:34 When light comes, darkness has to go. OP, focus on the positive things and the negativity will vanish on its own. +ves from your post: 1. You have an amazing family of origin which loves you 2. You are blessed with a loving DH 3. Though there are some speedbreakers in your TTC, you have mentioned yourself that it is curable. Remember, the one thing you do not need while TTC is stress. 4. You are going to be an aunt soon! Congrats! 5. Your dad is gonna be 60 soon. Congrats! I would suggest you shift your focus to DH and your married life, as you seem content with the same. There are so many women who are suffering in bad marriages apart from TTC troubles. Like you said, you are in a better situation. Thank God everyday for your DH and for parents who care. If you feel that they need to be taken care of, please discuss with your DH and see if you can do something about it. Problems will seem bigger than they are if you keep thinking about them. Focus on something else and get a new hobby or a new job. Or try to pursue a course etc. That might also take your mind off TTC and make it easier on your body. GL!

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