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Is retouching really necessary?

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Is retouching really necessary?
Thu, 12/13/2012 - 16:59 (updated 4 years ago)

Photographs, unlike moving images -- like in film or video -- are there to look at over, and over, and over again -- the same image. The slightest imperfection, not normally noticed in real life, stares back at you every time you view the photos. Even if you are young, in great shape and have great skin, for perfect photos you will still need it -- if you want a perfect picture you will probably want something corrected. Most everyone does. "Perfection" really only exists with retouching ;-) What you look like in photos is all that really counts! ;-)

Today's high quality still digital cameras do not miss a thing. Only at small sizes (like the proofs) can you possibly get a way without it. If you are satisfied with the way the proofs look and do not plan on printing or using the photos at a larger size you may not need it. At larger sizes. Without retouching you will see even the tiniest of blemishes.

Most people in the world know that most all published photos are retouched... if you are one who thinks retouched photos are destroying society and making our kids have unrealistic expectations -- you are out of touch.  Especially the youth of today know it is a bit of fantasy, and they more than anyone want to make sure their photos look just as great and have the same advantages as the super models and celebrities.

Computerized retouching is included in all our sessions at no additional cost. Computerized Retouching is a computer application that uses special algorithms that smoothes and adds a nice glow to the skin. It is often sufficient for small prints and younger subjects, men, and children, where no heavy lines exist and reshaping is not required. We normally use a light setting, however upon request we can do a stronger computerized retouching which can ultimately remove most all but the very deepest of lines. This however causes a substantial loss of the overall sharpness and quality of the photo. You can see the effects of computerized retouching HERE (just click one of the links of the different levels of retouching and move your mouse over, on and off the photo. this will give you a "Before and After" of the image) 

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