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What is Photo Retouching?

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What is Photo Retouching?
Thu, 12/13/2012 - 17:29 (updated 4 years ago)
Photo retouching normally means "amending" or "modifying." Before digital photography, retouching could only be done by select professionals. They would shine controlled light on photos in darkrooms, or use retouching pens to erase marks and scratches.    The advent of digital photography, however, means that anyone with a personal computer and a graphics editing program can make their photographic prints look more beautiful than ever. Photo Retouch allows adjusting not only such basic elements as brightness, contrast, and color, but also enables the use of graphics editors to make your photos come out the way you want, by fixing problems with camera settings that cannot be entirely resolved solely through automatic adjustments.
 Broadly speaking, retouching includes design work, such as making photographs seem like illustrations, or creating composite photographs. To persons who want to make prints of their digital photos at home, however, photo retouching can be taken to mean "a standard part of creating good-looking prints".

 Retouching makes any photo look better than it did before. Even photos that did not appear to need it look strikingly better with only minor adjustments in brightness and contrast.  Professional photographers and graphic designers alike think nothing of using photo retouching techniques to make their subjects look their best, thus bringing out the best of the images contained in their photos to the utmost degree.   In the same way, you can get the colors in your own photos infinitely closer to those that you remember seeing, while bringing out the finest details in the most brilliant color as well. Photographs no longer simply represent memories; now they can literally represent the image you have in mind.   Retouching really shines when you want to make photographs into artwork, or give them as gifts to friends. A bubble jet printer and Canon printing paper will faithfully reproduce the images you have in mind.

Retouching Software
 Which brings us to the question of discussing just what a graphics editor program is, and how can it be used for photo retouching? Graphics editors fall into two main categories: drawing programs, in which users make line drawings onscreen, and painting programs, which are used similarly to painting with brushes. High-end versions of the latter type are used in photo editing.    In this section, we provide a thorough treatment of photo retouching using Adobe Photoshop, the global standard in graphics editing for photographers and graphic designers alike.
Adobe Photoshop for retouching


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