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15 Anatomically detailed 3d model designs by Vahid Ahmadi

Thu, 03/04/2021 - 15:52 (updated 46 weeks ago)

Checkout these anatomically detailed 3d model designs by Vahid Ahmadi. Vahid Ahmadi is a 3d model character sculptor from Abu DhabiUAE. He currently takes virtual classes for zbrush 3d models. His 3d models are very realistic and it's hard to believe they were created using Zbrush and other 3d modelling softwares. The 3d models are mostly fantasy themed and we are introduced to elves, warriors. Most of the 3d models are women and they are portrayed in a powerful manner as warriors and fighters. The clothes, accessories, skin, look so realistic and colorful. 3d model girl in yellow by vahid...

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15 Anatomically detailed 3d model designs by Vahid Ahmadi
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