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Canvas art supplier from Jackie China

Tue, 10/23/2012 - 07:24 (updated 9 years ago)

Xiamen LKL Fine Arts Co.Ltd( is is specialize in handmade oil painting and frame.It is near Wushipu Oil Painting Village and Haicang,which is one of the three largest oil painting production bases in China since 1995. LKL Fine Arts supply various oil paintings for worldwide galleries, art lovers, star hotels, gift companies, offices, villas, palaces, design companies, bars, KTV, clubs, painters, distributors, apartments and restaurants.Our painting selections are rendered from reproductions of old masters to contemporary artists originals.We have styles from traditional classics,colorful impressionistic to contemporary abstracts,and much more for your various need and budgets.Hundreds of professional artists and painters are always ready to do quality jobs for you.

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