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Diverse Seasons Landscape Watercolor Paintings By Adem Potas

Thu, 03/18/2021 - 01:41 (updated 44 weeks ago)

Adem Potas's watercolor paintings are so full of life. The landscape and scenery paintings seem so real, that we want to get lost amongst the fields and ride the waves. The snow capped trees, luscious fields are so intensely created with a touch of magic we would say. Adem Potas is an artist from Turkey. He is a self taught artist and we would say that he has come a long way to melt our hearts with his melting snow paintings. Nature has plentiful to offer with so many seasons, likewise Adem Potas explores nature through his watercolor paintings. He is extremely talented in capturing the...

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Diverse Seasons Landscape Watercolor Paintings By Adem Potas
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