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Top 10 Renowned Kerala Mural Artists and their Paintings

Tue, 04/13/2021 - 03:32 (updated 37 weeks ago)

An ideal souvenir to be treasured for a lifetime, Kerala murals are a symbol of natural beauty and grace, elegance and simplicity, and pious devotion. It is this humility that helps this art form overcome the ravages of civilization and time. Every mural is a testament to the depth of dedication the artists have to their art. The temples and palaces of Kerala are all a visual treat wherein the sagas of ancient Hindu Gods and Goddesses unfold. The murals of Kerala evolved through the significant influences of ancient Dravidian rituals like Kalamezhuthu and Patayani. The murals of Kerala...

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Top 10 Renowned Kerala Mural Artists and their Paintings
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