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Rustic Handmade Miniature Art Sculptures by Abdul Rahman Eid

Fri, 03/19/2021 - 17:17 (updated 44 weeks ago)

You are looking at the great miniature artworks by Abdul Rahman Eid. Lets say this guy has a great talent for miniature art like rebuilding the houses in Jeddah. The rustic old villages, apartments which focuses on the lifestyle and culture of people of Jeddah. Abdul Rahman Eid is a talented artist, sculptor from Syria. We absolutely love the little antique pieces, the little dressers they are a pleasure to watch. He makes tiny antique pieces and uses the tweezers to place them on his miniature art to re-create from the streets. The miniature wood art looks so realistic and makes us wants to...

Miniature Sculptures

Miniature Sculptures
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