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Fri, 08/28/2015 - 12:24 (updated 6 years ago)
Eforte solutions helps our clients build new capabilities or extend capabilities of existing business software to enhance productivity & profitability. Our key principles: Our development methodology factors in mobile security best practices and provides you with the ability to cost-efficiently launch your app across multiple platforms. We manage scope, change and communication with a high degree of efficiency using proven agile techniques refined over 100s of projects with dozens of customers. How do we Work?   At Eforte, we start by crafting simple strategies. Then, whether you require strategic planning, UX/UI design, front-end development, back-end integration, testing or delivery, we have it covered. Our methodology in mobile application development includes seven well -integrated steps: 1. Analysis It is extremely important that we understand your vision and your objectives. We also help refine your requirements. We write a project specification briefing that includes key milestones. We discuss our questions with you and also make suggestions. Once all the details are agreed upon, we provide a statement of work which includes timeline and costs. 2. Planning After you green-light the project, we develop our project plan. Your project manager will allocate the best-suited designers and developers for your application based on the devices you choose and other characteristics such as -- typical usage patterns, number of screens and interaction points. We will proceed only when you are satisfied with the overall plan. 3. Design Our team of world class UI experts will design your app’s visual style. We will design the most intuitive calls-to-action and create an engaging user experience in your mobile apps. We will prepare storyboards and mock-ups that provide exact details on the interface design, including screen wire frames with an overview of how the mobile app will look and function after been developed. 4. Development This is the main phase where the functions and features molded during the design stage become reality. Our engineers start coding using iterative programming sessions and develop functional prototypes. They choose the best algorithms from our proprietary database to give your application the best performance. We closely watch this process and aim to keep our coding robust and clean.     5. Test After development of the project, our independent quality assurance team steps in to conduct multi-device, multi-browser and multi-platform testing. Their job is to test the app aggressively to ensure that it meets global standards. We first deliver a test-build and wait for your feedback. During your review, if you have any questions, want to make any minor changes, or are dissatisfied in any way, your project manager and team will attend to any concerns. We will make sure you understand each and every feature and can provide training if necessary for our company. Visit Our Website : www.eforte.net      
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